Pro-level Pickleball Coaching For Everyday Players

We help everyday pickleball players develop their skills with professional coaching in a judgmental-free zone filled with laughter and fun. Our unique approach combines proven pickleball techniques with proper warm-ups, strength training, and cool-downs that prevent common injuries.

Lethal Pickleball Weapon X Paddle

Most Asked Questions

These are questions most pickleball players have, and it’s part of what you’ll learn when you join our programs.

Do You Ask Yourself These Questions?

How do I reset and slow the game down (especially at the No Volley Zone)?

Why do I keep popping the ball up?

How do I defend a player who lobs all the time?

Why do I still get attacked off of my third shot drops?

Am I holding the paddle correctly?

You'll also learn things like...

How to defend a hard-hit ball moving away from you

How to hit a good volley

When to attack

How to know when it is your ball, and when it’s your partner’s ball

How to move with your partner on the court

How to hit a good dink shot

You'll Develop The Skills You Need To Be A 3.5 Or 4.0 Rated Player!

Meet your coach

Thomas Yelloweyes, Founder & Head Pickleball Coach

Hi, I’m Thomas Yelloweyes-a former pro Ultimate Frisbee player turned pickleball coach. I started playing sports because I was having fun, but when I started playing competitively, I realized the coaches and top players put so much pressure to win that it squeezed out the enjoyment.

Now when I coach pickleball I vow never to take the enjoyment out of the game. Even though I have over a decade of experience as a pro athlete, my greatest joy is helping everyday players advance their skills.

Our family-run business helps both everyday players and athletes master pickleball in a fun, safe environment. The difference is, our unique process incorporates proper warm-ups, strengthening, and cool-downs to prevent common injuries and maintain optimal health.

Thomas Yelloweyes

Our Story

One sunny morning in Redding, California, Thomas took a walk through the park with his coffee in hand and something unusual took place.

A group of people were playing a sport that looked like tennis, but on closer inspection, he could see it was something totally different.

Thomas kept watching until one court was missing a player. He wasn’t looking for another sport to get involved in, but he put down his coffee and picked up a paddle. He won his first game only a few hours later and he was hooked.

Today, he is both IPTPA and PPR certified with well over 250 clinics and hundreds of lessons under his belt. He loves helping new and intermediate pickleball players improve their skills while having fun on the court.

With over 15 years in the fitness industry as a trainer and 13 years as a competitive pro athlete, Thomas Yelloweyes knows how to teach pro-level techniques to everyday players.

His goal is to positively impact lives through pickleball and make people laugh (at least once) on the court!

Core Values

We provide top quality pickleball instruction

We care about the well-being and success of every pickleball student

We create a fun learning environment where laughter is a must

We strive to make a difference in every pickleball community we serve

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We believe that pickleball is for everyone. so there’s no right or wrong time to start. We’ll work with you right where you are and help you move your skills to the next level while avoiding injuries and sharing a few laughs along the way. Click below to get started or ask a question.