Failure is the key to success: A relationship with failure

A man covering his face, looking forlorn.

Recently in an Academy we had a deep heart to heart with each other as Pickleball Players about how we should approach the game.

The advice I shared with the players was very simple. You must have a good relationship with Failure if you are to be successful learning this game at any level.

Failure is the key to success.

Fail Early: Start tapping into your courage to learn new skills and practice them during open play. Know that you will fail initially and that is ok.

Fail Often: When you start mastering a skill add another one to the list and start working through that one to master it as well. That means failing often.

Fail Forward: Each time you take a chance and fail you will learn something. Typically you are learning what not to do but then you will learn what will work. 

Finally, don’t let another player dictate how you are going to learn the game. Remember that they were once a beginner and someone had to extend some grace their way as well. You could remind them of this fact or find a better group to play with. Come find me I will play with you anytime.

I hope this Pickleball Tip is helpful and it adds some value to your game. 

Coach Thomas Yelloweyes

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