Pickleball Lessons Portland, OR

Do you want focused instruction from a professional, certified pickleball coach? We offer two types of private lessons to help you improve your game.

Thomas Yelloweyes demonstrating the proper way of hitting a pickleball.

Wondering What You're Doing Wrong Or What You Can Improve?

Train with a professional, certified coach and get specific feedback and instruction to perfect your skills to mastery level (even if you’re just getting started). You’ll learn:

“A big part of learning the game is also learning to enjoy the journey. You must fall in love with the process.”

Improve Your Pickleball Game With Our Most Requested Lessons

Night Train Pickleball Coach Thomas Yelloweyes talking to his students,

3 & Me Sessions

Available: Tuesday and Thursdays

In this 90-minute session, you'll get your skills assessed and play with a professional, certified coach. This is ideal for a group of 3 players at a similar skill level who want to learn and improve together. It's most popular with players who play tournaments and want to work with both mixed and doubles partners.

Drill Like a Pro​

Available: Tuesday and Thursdays

Drilling with an experienced player is the fastest way to progress your pickleball skills and achieve mastery level. In our Drill Like A Pro session, you'll learn expert-level drills so that you can see a drastic improvement in your skills. You'll learn how to drill through every phase of the game and each quadrant of the court. With 500-1000 touches on each drill, you'll know where to improve for optimal results.

Night Train Pickleball

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Meet your coach

Thomas Yelloweyes, Founder & Head Pickleball Coach

Hi, I’m Thomas Yelloweyes- a former pro Ultimate Frisbee player turned pickleball coach. I started playing sports because I was having fun, but when I started playing competitively I realized the coaches and top players put so much pressure to win that it squeezed out the enjoyment.

Now when I coach pickleball I vow never to take the enjoyment out of the game. Even though I have over a decade of experience as a pro athlete, my greatest joy is helping everyday players advance their skills.

Our family-run business helps both everyday players and athletes master pickleball in a fun, safe environment. The difference is, our unique process incorporates proper warm-ups, strengthening, and cool-downs to prevent common injuries and maintain optimal health.

Thomas on the Pickleball court

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I have coached tournament-level athletes and am able to prepare you or your team for competitions or tournaments. For more information, please submit an inquiry.

Our lessons are held at Ladd Hill Courts. The address is 34444 SW Ladd Hill Road, Wilsonville, Oregon 97070.

Yes, depending on where you are and how many participants we can travel to your location. Submit an inquiry here to learn more.

Ready To Improve Your Pickleball Game? Let's Get Started...

We believe that pickleball is for everyone, so there’s no right or wrong time to start. We’ll work with you right where you are and help you move your skills to the next level while avoiding injuries and sharing a few laughs along the way. Click below to get started or ask a question.